Health and Well-being

We love cycling at Newground – it’s great for your physical health and mental well being, plus it’s an environmentally sustainable way to travel.  


You may know this initiative as ‘Cycling Proficiency’ and although it has a new name it still focuses on the same key skills. Bikeability can be delivered in your school grounds and is an important part of the road safety awareness of your pupils.

The instructional workshops will give pupils confidence and increase their awareness when cycling on the road, making them safer cyclists. We are qualified to deliver levels 1, 2 and 3, which, when run in your school will enable you to promote cycling with confidence.


This is a great program aimed at children 2 years up.  We use balance bikes which are cycles without peddles children can use to scoot along and develop their sense of balance while still being able to reach the floor.  The aim of the program is to develop confidence, have fun, and ultimately end up riding a peddle cycle when the child is ready.

You can book us to deliver a program at your venue or check our listings for when we have a session near you.

Mountain Biking

A fast growing sport with several purpose created sites across Lancashire.  We have a fleet of mountain bikes and level 2 qualified mountain bike instructors who can guide you round specified mountain bike routes and teach your group new skills.  Mountain Biking can also be accredited through AQA as part of a series of alternative education sessions.

We don’t usually have drop in guided rides running through the week but if this is something you are interested in then get in touch.

Bike Maintenance

Your bike will break from time to time so it’s crucial to know how to fix it when something does go wrong.

These workshops are practical in nature and you will be given a bike to refurbish.  Our qualified instructors will then support you in replacing all parts so you have a working cycle which we can then certify as roadworthy and you can take away from the course with you.

We have maintenance workshops running from time to time so check our events on when you can book on one.

Mobility Cycling

We have a fleet of cycles including three wheelers and hand cranked cycles which can be used to enable people who have never cycled before to get in the saddle and try cycling.

James Kenyon talks to us about the bike workshops