Healthy & active


Newground Together supports the community to live healthier lives through physical activity and healthy eating.

Our team is still available for support during lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE. 

Guided walks

Active Together Walking Project has a whole host of different free walks that run weekly across Lancashire. They are open to all abilities and have different difficulty gradings on all walks to ensure you can select the best walk for you.

Bike Workshops

This free weekly session gives you the opportunity to repair your own bike or work on one provided through the project. This project gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and sets you free on your bike. This drop in session is open to all but under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult/guardian.

Gardening & outdoors

Our Community Garden Projects are great places to be to help improve physical and mental health.

The benefits of Gardening:

  • Builds physical strength and boosts your immune system
  • Helps you reconnect with nature
  • Spending time in the fresh air aids sleep and lifts moods
  • Develop an environmentally sustainable lifestyle
  • Great stress reliever

Our garden sessions provide opportunities to meet new people, spend time in a relaxing environment, develop personal and social skills while being physical active and mentally stimulated.


James tells us all about the Newground bike workshop

Want to know what happens at one of our guided walks?

Meet the team

Jason Kenyon

Project Officer (Active Lifestyles)

Based at Offshoots
Read more here

Emma Carter

Senior Project Officer (Offshoots)

Based at Offshoots
Read more here



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