From a pen and a smile to a job full time

On a weekly basis, Helen from the Newground team attends the Job Centre Plus in Rawtenstall. Lydia hosts a group session with clients explaining any opportunities available that week. During these sessions Helen is able to have a quick chat with the candidates to explain who Newground are and how we can help them. Helen gives out Newground pens and pads and leaves business cards to those interested, offering to speak with them individually after the session.

Geraldine was at one of these meetings. She was disheartened from a previous company who had promised that they support her through her work searching journey, but had never been in touch.  Geraldine was feeling a little deflated.

Helen and Geraldine spoke after the session, signed her up and within the week Geraldine had a new up to date CV, a list of potential jobs to apply for and was brushing up on interview skills and techniques.  Needless to say it didn’t take very long for her to be successful in an interview and is now happily in work full time and loving her new job!

Geraldine says;

“ I first saw Helen at the Rawtenstall Job Centre and she explained she was from Newground delivering the Re:Vision project with Procure Plus. She was so positive it really gave me confidence, going forward I was able to apply for jobs and her advice and knowledge was such an asset for me. Helen your happy smile and personality made me comfortable and confident in you and I can’t thank you enough for your help.”From a pen and a smile to a job full time