Our commitment

We know that the work we do is excellent.

Last year we helped 625 people into work, over 600 people into training and supported over a 1,000 people in their employment journey.  Our person-centred approach means that that we will:

  • Listen to what you have to say – It’s your employment journey!
  • Put you first – trust us we’re good at it!
  • Help you find the right path for you – training, education, work placements, volunteering jobs.  Whatever you want to do we will help you achieve it.
  • Not rush you or pressure you and go at your pace.
  • Be there from day one until you don’t need us anymore, whether that’s when you get a job or six months into work, we will stick around until your happy to go it alone.  Although we will be sad to see you go.

We know finding work, or starting training and education is daunting, but if you’re even thinking of making a change then you’ve made the first step in your journey.

You matter to us and we are passionate about supporting you.  We have an excellent team of mentors and employment advisors who are ready to go on the journey with you.  Many of our team have faced unemployment, redundancy and barriers to getting into work themselves.  That means we understand, and we care about the work we do, and more importantly we get where you’re at right now.

So far so good?  Well if you are at a crossroads and don’t know which direction to take or have barriers that are stopping you achieve your potential then contact Newground Together and let’s continue this journey together.