Emma’s Story

A woman from Haslingden is back in work thanks to Newground’s employment project Revision.

Despite having a wealth of qualifications and work experience, including a degree in Psychology, Emma Openshaw was struggling to find work until she met Helen Brayshaw, a Community Employment Advisor at Newground.

After around 10 months of rejection letters, Emma is now enjoying her new job at Studio Retail Ltd on behalf of Search Consultancy as a PPI Case Handler.

Emma, who volunteers at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary shop in her spare time, said: “I hated being out of work, as it made me feel very frustrated and very often disappointed.

“As such I am now glad to be back in work, having a routine again, an income again, a sense of purpose and a good group of colleagues and line manager.”

Helen Brayshaw, Community Employment Advisor at Newground, said: “We met had a coffee, looked over her CV and discussed what she felt was letting her down. We applied for several jobs together and was getting interviews but sadly not the jobs. We sat down discussed interview techniques, booked a mock interview and after the mock worked together to build on the areas we felt were letting her down.

“We used various methods and again began the job applications and interview process.

She worked really hard and did everything I asked her too, always going the extra mile.”

Emma, who is also studying on an online administration course, added: “It was an up-hill battle and without the support of Helen, I’d honestly probably still be looking for something.”